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International Police Association (IPA) - Burgenland Regional Group

The International Police Association (IPA) Provincial Group Burgenland celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2011. In the early years the Provincial Group was a sub-organisation of the LG Steiermark, but in 1961 the founding fathers made it independent.

At first hostile, later tolerated, the Burgenland Provincial Group developed from a small travel friendship association into an organisation with over 2,000 members. Today, the IPA is a worldwide organisation with great social, cultural and professional commitment. Around 400,000 members in 60 countries testify to a professional bond that the founder of the IPA, Sergeant Arthur Toop, never expected.

Even a movement like the IPA must move with the times, not to become outdated, but to appeal to young colleagues. The World-Wide-Web with its many possibilities connects members all over the world and brings them closer together. Whether with e-mail or Skype, modern communication makes many things possible.

There is only one thing we must not and should not forget despite all the technologies available to us; the basic idea of the IPA - servo per amikeco - (serve in friendship). This guiding principle should be the mission of all members, even in a time of computer and media consumption, to carry it on and deepen it.

I would like to invite all members and friends of the IPA to contribute their opinions and wishes to the design of the homepage.